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QSE Builders was started by Luke O'Neill and started to specialize in outdoor balcony repairs after being asked by clients and other trades to assess balconies that still leaked after being repaired by others.

We developed as a way of home owners to be able to talk to a specialist when it comes to the headache of fixing their balcony

We specialize in the repair of timber framed balconies, that is, balconies that are built on a timber frame and not onto concrete slabs, though we do undertake repairs to tiles to concrete slabs when flashing or wall works are required.

The cost is always in the labor to repair the balcony as we usually have to remove a majority of tiles, screeding and sometime substrate to access damaged area's, repair and replace components.

We follow best practice, that is over and above the Australian Standard. What is best practice? A good example is a road worthy car. It may be road worthy but the seats are torn, the heater doesn't work, it over heats when it's 35 degrees outside. It's a hunk-of-junk. But it still satisfies a Standard when it comes to being roadworthy.

What do we do?
  • We never apply tiles directly to the substrate water proof membrane. We usually apply another membrane level to screed or sheeting above this substrate membrane.
  • We do not solely rely on the water proof membrane to keep water out of walls and window/door sills, we always fit a metal upstand to walls, doors and windows.
  • We ensure that flashing to above windows and doors are working and if not, fit one that does.
  • We always seal the grout if relaying tiles, though we recommend you lay a trafficable membrane to balconies instead of tiles for price and better performance.
  • We improve internal drainage by increasing the capture throat of the surface drain or by laying a strip drain if possible.
  • We put additives in the grout to improve it's performance
  • We fit drip lines to drains and edges.
The Australian Standard is the minimum you must do to achieve a water tight balcony but is not sufficient as a long term design, especially if the balcony is completely open to the sky. The effect of solar heat on tiles is dramatic with temperatures on a 35 degree day reaching 90 degrees on the surface of the tile. This heat can be transferred to the membrane under, damaging the membrane and also causing the development of hairline cracks in the grout.